Media Release – September 2020

Oceans Spirit – a range of premium mixers, including tonic waters, that allow the gin to shine through and the flavours that the distiller has carefully created to be fully realised.

Like a fish is to water, or a southerly in a ships sail, so is tonic to a distilled spirit.

One simply cannot be enjoyed best without the other. As is the way with perfect pairings, the sum is made up of the parts and so, if the gin is delicious and the tonic a perfect compliment – the G&T will be heaven in a glass.

In fact, when considering this mix, the tonic is the treasure as it’s ¾ of the glass full!

Here in lies the metric and motivation behind Oceans Spirit for it’s captain creator, Rowland Short. Possessing a deep knowledge of spirits, botanicals, distilling and brewing, and most importantly what makes the perfect drink – he is the soul and spirit behind this new premium mixer’s delicious blends.

Handcrafted with skill in south Australia’s McLaren Vale, well known for the making and growing of premium wines, gins and food products, the Oceans Spirit range is made using an age-old and proven family recipe brought up to date for this modern beverage era. Originally created by the Williams family, who made and sold sodas and mixers in South Australia in its pioneering days, the current day version has been expertly adapted to perfectly compliment the needs and tastes of growing and discerning premium spirit consumers.

The range currently offers two versatile tonic varieties, Oceans Spirit Indian Tonic Water and Oceans Spirit Mediterranean Tonic Water, and an Oceans Spirit Soda Water. It is intended to expand the range quickly to accommodate the growing and varied premium spirits market.

It is blended and mixed using the very best ingredients sourced locally from in and around Australia to produce the only premium 100% Australian made tonic and soda waters.

Neatly packaged up in a series of very stylish looking 250ml cans, this format was chosen over glass bottles to ensure no compromise is made to the flavour of the tonic inside, better keeping its aromatic profile fresh and bright, and for longer.

Born from a commitment to uncompromising quality and flavour, Oceans Spirit is a delicious combination of the best modern day ingredients and a respect for timeless heritage.

When you choose Oceans Spirit you are mixing with the very best.