Premium Indian Tonic Water

We believe that only the best tonic water should be used with your handcrafted gins. In fact, when considering this mix, the tonic is the treasure as it represents 75% of the drink!

But more than that, we believe that the very best mixers should let the gin (or spirit) shine through and Oceans Spirit Indian Tonic Water does just that!

Clean, bright and refreshing with the hint of citrus and a fine bead. Oceans Spirit Indian Tonic has an even palate weight, allowing the botanicals of your gin to shine bright!

We would recommend pairing it with Settlers Spirits Old Tom, Juniper 3 Ways or Rare Dry Gin for a traditional G&T. Or alternatively if you are looking for some zip and zing, the Settlers Spirits Yuzu, Coriander or Blood Orange & Chilli Gins are a perfect match. All can be found here.

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